To ensure members' (hereinafter referred to as "Party B") the relevant rights and interests of the mobile phone games services (hereinafter referred to as "the game") provided by AJb(hereinafter referred to as "Party A"), before register the game service, please read the following terms of the agreement. Also, the related content of the terms may be changed because of the law at any time, Party A will release the relevant provisions of the content on the official website, please check regularly to protect the rights and interests of Party B!


. Clauses Determination

Pressing or checking the "I agree" option, it indicates that Party B has read and understood all the terms of this agreement. After the trial period of more than 3 days, Party B agrees unconditionally to abide by all terms and conditions of this agreement prescribed by the management regulations and rules related to game service.


. Age of Restriction

Party B must be over the age of eighteen to register as a member of the game; The consent of Party B to this agreement shall be following the relevant laws and regulations.


.  Game Software Classification Method

To promote the sound development of body and mind, also guarantee the relevant rights and interests of Party B, our game service have been classified.  Party b shall, on the other hand, click or check the option of "I agree" to indicate that Party B has met the age requirements for the use of this level of service.0


IV. The Scope of Application of the Agreement

This agreement shall be valid when Party B completes his registration as a member of the game until the termination of the agreement.

Party A and Party B agree that Party A shall provide the mobile game services and other relevant services to Party B. Party A and Party B shall be responsible for the rights and obligations of this service.

The contents agreed upon in this agreement shall be subject to be changed in-laws and administrative orders. Party B agrees that Party A shall publish the notice to the website about the amendments.


V. The Contents of Agreement

Party B agrees that the following documents shall be deemed as part of this agreement and shall have the same and supplementary effect as this agreement

Party A's advertisement or publicity content of this service;

Tariff schedule and game management rules;

The contents of the agreement referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be mutually beneficial to the consumers.


VI. The Scope of Service

The services of this agreement shall be provided by Party A to Party B for Party B's online access to the game through the Internet in a smartphone or mobile devices, excluding the application of Internet service providers for Internet and the hard equipment required for Internet access


VII. Game Management Rules

To regulate the way of games services, Party A shall conclude fair reasonable management rules. Party B shall observe the announcement of management rules, the laws of the Republic of China, all the provisions of the international Internet practice and all the content transmitted through the services.


Party B agrees and guarantees that the comments or information shall not be released, spread, transferred which is malign, impractical, threatening, rude, obscene, illegal or infringing on other people's rights and intellectual property rights.

Amendments in the management rules of the games shall be based on the procedure of article 25.


The rules of game management shall be invalid if one of the following situations occurs:

Contravening the provisions of this agreement;

Depriving or limiting the legal rights of Party B's. However, Party A shall, following the provisions of article 8, not apply to this limit.


VIII. Violation of Management Rules

Unless other regulations provided in this agreement, if Party B violates the management rules in the game service, Party A shall, according to the rules of this agreement, deprive or restrict the rights of Party B according to its seriousness and notify Party B in the form of an announcement, an online live communication or email. After noticed, Party B who does not improve the violators or violate again will be restricted in severer degree according to the seriousness of the situation.


Party A shall stop party A's right to use the game following the rules of this agreement, and shall not exceed 7 days each time.


In addition to the termination of the agreement, Party A shall not affect the rights of Party B.


IX.   Member Login

If Party B applies for the use of this game, it shall ensure that the login data is consistent with the identity document. The personal data of Party B's login should be corrected immediately if there is any error or changes.


If Party B fails to provide the correct personal data or the data provided is not true and not updated, Party A shall suspend all services until Party B provides real data or updated data. (including but not limited to the suspension of the game process inquiry service of Party B)


X.   Accounts and Passwords

Party B shall set up a set of accounts and passwords in the application for membership registration. The set of accounts shall not be changed, and only for Party B's exclusive use. Party B shall not transfer or lend the account to the third party and shall be responsible for any disputes arising out of it.


The password referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be changed by the modification mechanism provided by Party A, and the personnel (including customer service personnel and game managers) will not actively ask Party B's password. Party B shall take full responsibility for the custody of the account and password. If the account is not kept and the password is illegal, Party B shall be responsible for the account.


XI. Notification and Dealing with the Illegal Use of Accounts and Passwords

If either party discovers that the third party uses the account of Party B illegally, or if the use of security is abnormal, the party shall immediately notify the other party. Receiving the notification confirmed by Party B foregoing, Party A may suspend the permissions of the group of account or passwords, and complete the password change approved by Party B.


XII. Taking Effect

Party B shall register the account after reviewing the agreemententer the page that shows the terms of this agreement and press or checks the "I agree" option, which presuming that Party B agrees to the terms and conditions.


XIII. Personal Data

The protection of personal data shall be dealt with following relevant laws and regulations.

Except as required by law or relevant competent authorities, without the consent of Party B, Party A shall not sell, exchange, lease or disclose Party B's name, address, E-mail address and other personal information protected by law.


Within the permission of laws, Party A or other enterprises or partners may use personal information of Party B to provide other services, including but not limit to the email newsletters.


Party B agrees that Party A shall make member statistics on personal data. If the statistics do not reveal the personal identity of Party B, Party B agrees and allows Party A to use it for any legal disclosure.


In following circumstances, Party A shall disclose Party B's personal information or game history:

1.       To meet the requirements of the ordinance and relevant competent authorities;

2.       To ensure Party A's property and interests;

3.       To ensure the safety of Party A's members or the public in case of emergency;

4.       Consult requirements from the third party of the game history.


XIV. Electronic Records

All electromagnetic records of the games belong to Party A, and Party A shall maintain the relevant records within the term of preservation.


XV. The Methods When the Electronic Records are Handled Improperly

If finding that the account number and password are illegally used and the electronic records of this game are improperly transferred, Party B shall immediately notify Party A. If Party A checks the personal identity, the account shall be immediately temporarily frozen and restricted temporarily.

After verifying the fact that Party B has been improperly transferred in the preceding paragraph, Party A shall revert to the original scope, and reply to the wrongful transfer of electronic records to Party B.

Party A shall not charge Party B the fee following the provisions of the first paragraph.

Party B shall be liable for all legal liabilities if it has any claim for the loss of the rights of Party A or other game service users.


XVI. Information Disclosure

Party A shall provide relevant information on the game services and update regularly.


XVII. Equipment Quality

Party A shall not be liable for any damage caused by the failure, delay or interruption of telecommunication machine line equipment owned by Party B.

Party A's systems and equipment shall be announced in the game service before the downtime. When Party B logs in, the stop notice should be issued.

Party A shall ensure that the system equipment is not in error and without the problems of suspended, delayed, and interrupted or off online. In case of any of these problems, Party A shall deal with the relevant issues as soon as possible.


XVIII. System Security

Party a shall, following the provisions of this agreement, provide the service with proper maintenance of its computer system, which conforms with the reasonable expectations of the technology or professional level at that time.

Party A shall take reasonable action for any breach of the computer system or electronic records, or any abnormal operation of the computer system.

If the server is overloaded and the electronic records cannot be written, Party A shall restart the server and return the game to the state before overloaded.


XIX. Program Bug

Party B shall indemnify Party A for the damage caused by the exploitation of the game service procedure.


XX. Right of Appeals

Party A shall, following this game service website or the management rules, make the complaint service special line and E-mail address to accept Party B's complaints.


XXI. Contract Modification

When Party A modifies any of the contents of this agreement, an announcement needs to be made on the page of the game services.


If Party A fails to announce following the preceding paragraph, the modification shall be invalid. Within 15 days after the first amendment notice Party B shall:

1.  If Party B does not express or continue to use the server for objection, it shall be

deemed to accept Party A's modification of the agreement.

2.  Party B shall be deemed to oppose, the agreement will be terminated.


Party B shall ensure that the service address or E-mail that is retained by Party A is correct and if there are any changes, Party B shall notify Party A immediately. If the modification of this agreement is concerned with the significant changes or influence of Party B's rights and interests, Party A shall send notice by e-mail. After the notice is issued, it is deemed to have been served legally.


XXII. Termination of the Agreement

When Party A ceases to operate the game, it shall be published on the website 1 month in advance.


If Party B has one of the following important matters, Party A shall terminate one part or all of the agreement immediately after notifying:


1.  Use any systems or tools to attack or damage Party A's computer system.

2.  Use plugins, virus programs, game bugs, or other ways to violate fairness and

reasonableness of playing games.

3.  The judicial authorities have seized any illegal activities related to the games.


If Party B violates this game management rules twice:

When the facts in the preceding paragraph cannot be proved, Party A shall be liable for damages arising from the termination of this agreement.

If Party A terminates the agreement with Party B due to the aforementioned major events, Party A shall not return the unused storage value of party b, and Party B shall be liable for damages caused by Party A.


XXIII. Address for Services

Notice of all matters relating to this agreement, Party A shall notify Party B in the form of online real-time communication or email.

Party B shall immediately notify Party A if any changes are made to the address mentioned in the preceding paragraph. If the notice cannot be reached or rejected, it shall be deemed to have been served legally when the notice is issued.

If Party B fails to provide the correct personal information or data which is not real and cannot be served for not updating to Party A, Party a shall not be liable for any damages caused by Party B's failure to deliver the notices


XXIV. Proper Law

This agreement is based on the law of Inida.


XXV. Competent Court

In case of any dispute arising out of this agreement, both parties agree that the district court of Goa, as the court of the first instance.